We want YOUR questions!

Have you ever wondered how infocomm can enrich your daily life - be it checking out the cheapest carpark in the vicinity, event happenings at nearby malls or routes with the lowest ERP?

The Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) is organizing a competition, supported by the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) and the National Library Board (NLB), to find out what you want to know and learn, and how we can use infocomm to enrich 5 areas of your life: Health, Career, Family, Social and Leisure.

Through this competition, we hope to address your needs through our future public infocomm engagement programmes that aim to enrich your daily life.

Examples of Our Past Infocomm Enrichment Programmes

On 22 May 2010 IDA, in partnership with NTUC May Day Family Fiesta, presented the "New Infocomm and U" booth at Downtown East. Participants had the opportunity to learn, use, and try infocomm to help enrich their lives. For example, using infocomm to upload and share family photos through the internet and using infocomm to download mobile applications to play games and find retail promotions near them.

"New Infocomm & U" Roadshow at MayDay Family Fiesta 2010

Also, earlier this year on 20 March 2010, IDA presented the "Parenting in the New Infocomm Age" seminar at Tampines Regional Library with 180 participants.

Parenting in the New Infocomm Age Seminar Video Highlights

This seminar helped address families' questions: how do I keep my child safe online? What are some websites my child can access for help with math & science? What tools are available on the internet for me to use to bond with my children?

So now it is your turn to voice your questions and stand a chance to win an iPad!

Judging Criteria

The winning entry will be judged based on originality, practicality, clarity and creativity.

Results Notification

Congratulations to Melissa NRIC XXXX6826G, the winner of our Infocomm: Enjoying a Digital Lifestyle competition


This online competition is only open to Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents, residing in Singapore.